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  How to configure EleBBS to edit the currently displayed Menu

  One of the simplest ways to build and test your menus in EleBBS is to assign a hotkey to run the menu editor while you are logged on locally, telling it to edit the current menu you are in.


    Select one of the slots numbered 1 through 10. Each of these slots represents one of the Alt-Fx key combinations, for example slot 1 defines what happens when the sysop presses Atl-F1 from EleBBS.

  • Enter the following: C:\BBS\ELCONFIG.EXE -M @LANGNR@ @MENU@ *Z*M
    (You may need to change the path)

    You will now be able to log onto EleBBS locally, and from any menu just press Alt-F1 (or which ever Fx slot number you configured) to immediatly bring up the menu editor with the current menu.

    Note: that this will not allow users to edit your menus remotly.

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