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  EleBBS Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get the latest Binaries/Source?

How to run DOS doors in EleBBS using NetFoss

How to a configure an old FOSSIL driver in EleBBS

How to configure EleBBS to shell from Argus

How to configure the full screen message editor

How to configure the EleBBS IRC client

How to configure the EleBBS Outbound Telnet

How to configure the EleBBS FTP Server

How to configure the FTP URL links in EleBBS

How to setup EleBBS under Linux

How to fix SQL and WALL.PAS issues under Linux

How to display multiple screens during a logon

How to Edit the current menu from EleBBS

How to make global changes to the File or Message areas

How to globally move/change message or file areas

How to configure the EleBBS File Listings

How to setup user email with Internet Rex

How to set up EleBBS/Win32 with FrontDoor/DOS

How to fix the usrsup.elm error

How to fix Run Time Error 200 in doors and utils.

How to use EleMon to monitor remote connections

How to Import File and Message Areas into EleBBS

How to configure EleWeb

How to fix the FireFox login issue in EleWeb


 More information on EleBBS

View the RA Documentation  (download) You need this! EleBBS started as a RA Clone.
View the RA Q&A FAQ          (download) This is an excellent FAQ for RA or EleBBS.
The EleBBS Home Page Read the WhatsNew files for info on features not listed in RA.DOC.
The EleBBS.COM FAQ Information from the author of EleBBS.
The EleBBS Quick Documentation Notes taken from the v0.09 DOC.ZIP
Answer Guy: Setting up EleBBS/DOS Includes batch to run DOS ver of EleBBS with a DOS FOSSIL.
Answer Guy: Customizing EleBBS Many good tips can be found here.

The Mailing Lists

Join the mailing list to receive technical support
Download Scripts for EleBBS Many nice EleBBS enhancments can be found here.
The BBS Archives Tons of utilities for RA can be found here, that work with EleBBS.




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