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  How to configure the EleBBS IRC Client


An IRC client is a terminal that allows a user to chat on an existing IRC Chat Server. The Win/32 and OS/2 versions of EleBBS come with an IRC client built in. This explains how to configure the IRC client in EleBBS, as it was left out of the release notes by mistake.

    to bring up the menu editor, and select a langauge such as english.

  • Select the menu to edit. If you want to allow a hotkey to bring up the IRC chat from any menu then select the GLOBALRA Menu.

  • Move the cursor down to the last line of the menu and press Enter to edit a new menu option. Select Action by pressing Enter again, and select the Menu Action group called " Internet connectivity". Finally Select the option that says "100 Join IRC Server ".

  • Move cursor down to the "Display field and press Enter. This will put the cursor on the top display bar, just below all the digits. Put just a semi-colon (";" here and press Enter. The semicolen will prevent a Carrage Return from being sent to the screen.

  • Move the cursor down to the "OptData field and press Enter. Here you can enter any of the following options:
       /SERVER=         Gives the server to join. If this parameter is
                        specified, the user cannot join another server.
                        eg: /SERVER=irc.thebbs.org:6667
       /JOIN=           Gives the channel to join. The user can /PART the
                        eg: /JOIN=#EleBBS
       /CHANLIST=       Let you specify a list of channels which the user
                        is allowed to join or not join. By default all
                        channels are accesible. The format of such an file
                        is: (for the rest it complies with the normal
                          .CTL format)
                          ; Allow access to #EleBBS channel
                          ; Allow access to #BBS channel
                          ; All other channels are access denied
                        eg: /CHANLIST=BANLIST
      /REALNAME=        Lets you specify the users real name, and you can
                        use the ctrl-f codes listed in MACROS.TXT.
      /DCCBOARD= The message area number of a messagebase that EleIRC will
                         use to post the attachments to. (eg: /DCCBOARD=150)
                         Command reference:
      /DCC GET [xx] - get file xx from the remote
      /DCC ENABLE - enable DCC requests (impossible if /DCCBOARD is empty)
      /DCC DISABLE - disable DCC requests
      /DCC LIST - list all current DCC files.
      Doing a /DCC GET on a file which is already downloading will result
      in a status of how its currently is.

  • Finally go to the "HotKey" option in the menu editor and press Enter to select a hotkey to activate the IRC from this menu (or all menus if this menu is named GLOBALRA). Thats it. Exit the menu editor and save changes.

    You are done, so log on and try it out. For Information on how to use the IRC Commands, make sure the IRCHELP.ANS file is located in your textfile directory and type "/HELP" from the IRC command line.

    You can customize the colors of the IRC Client by running "ELCONFIG -L" to load the language editor, select "English", select "Language Text", and scroll down to prompts #678 and #679, which look like this by default:
    #678: K[03[K[0B%sK[03]
    #679: K[01(K[09%sK[01)

    The K characters are actually Ctrl-K. To enter a Control Character into the language editor, you will need to press Ctrl-P first, followed by the control character. The color codes are the 2 digit numbers after the [ characters.

    Here is an example modifed set of language prompts for new IRC colors:

    #678: K[07[K[0B%sK[07] --- commandline is Grey now
    #679: K[0A(K[09%sK[0A) --- text is Light Green now

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