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  How to configure the EleBBS FTP Server


EleBBS has its own FTP Server, which was added to to EleServ after version 0.10RC1 was released.
You will need a version of EleServ.exe which is more recent the 0.10RC1 (June 8 2002).

You can either run the FTP server alone, or combined with other EleBBS Servers:

    This just runs EleBBS's FTP server, without the telnet server or news server


    This runs EleBBS's Telnet Server, News Server, and FTP Server all from the same process.

    To allow the FTP Server to accept Anonymous Users, you need to also include the -XA switch.

    Then create a User account in EleBBS named "Anonymous", which has the "Guest" Flag enabled.

    Upload support is included in the December 2006 build.
    To allow uploads via FTP, you will need to also include the -XU (This switch will be removed once
    uploading is stable.)
    Later versions of EleBBS also include additional FTP settings under TCP/IP > FTP.

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