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  How to fix Login problem with FireFox

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thanks for the replies sofar. I found out two things:

1. after changing a bit of code in de login.pas normal users
can logon/logoff normally in Firefox. Replace the line of code
with the .... javascript:history.back(-1) .... argument in it
by the refresh code that is used in the logout.pas file.

The complete new line is:

Writeln('META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=../index.htm">';

Don't forget to compile the script again ;)

2. Somehow the above mentioned code doesn't work for the 1st
user (sysop...) in the user database. I changed some typicall
sysop settings in the limits configuration, like infinite time,
but that doesnt help .... Then I decided to downgrade the
sysop level to the same level as the working 'normal user
account', ie level 10. That didn't help either.

Nevertheless, the above mentioned change helps for normal users.

Some other things:

I found out that an eleweb login is counted twice, thats (not) good
for the statistics ;)

The errors.log of xiopen showed a lot of errors of images that
couldn't be found. Somehow I don't have a theme directory.

I replaced all the lines that were pointing to

/cgi-bin/themes/zoneblue/images/.gif to ../images/.gif


Coolmax wrote:
> * EleWeb Support List
> Hi Marco,
> That has always been an issue, even with the original eleweb.
> It's something in the scripts somewhere :)
> Thanks
> Coolmax
> repa wrote:
>> * EleWeb Support List
>> Hiya,
>> I was playing a bit with Eleweb and the Coolmax mods and noticed
>> that when I use Firefox logging in and out doesnt work very well.
>> It looks as if the page reload doesn't work well. If I enter my
>> name and password the page reloads, but nothing changes. If I click
>> on 'home' I am suddenly logged on.
>> When I am using explorer it works perfectly. Any idea what may cause 
>> this problem ?
>> Gtx,
>> Marco


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