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  How to use EleMon


EleMon is a line monitor for EleBBS that gives you full control over an EleBBS session from anywhere in the world. Also (when run locally) it allows to send messages to a node or bring down a node.

In order to use EleMon, EleBBS.exe must be run with the -XM switch to allow it to hook into EleMon. Please note that this will start a server on a TCP port - this is also accessible by other internet users!

Normally EleBBS.exe is spawned by a telnet server, such as EleSrv or TelSrv. Either of these telnet servers can be passed the -XM switch, which tells them to pass the -XM switch to EleBBS.exe each time a telnet session starts.
If you are using a third-party telnet server such as Net2BBS or Argus, you can simpley include the -XM switch on the command line which runs EleBBS.exe

To use EleMon locally, simply run EleMon.exe. It will display a list of nodes, showing which are active and which are inactive. At the bottom of the screen is a list of Alt-key commands it supports:

Alt-T = Attach, Alt-M = Send Message, Alt-D = Shutdown, Alt-P= Specify Port, Alt-S = Specify Server

To attach to a node, use the cursor keys to select an active node, and then press Alt-T. EleMon will ask you for a password, which is the EleMon password defined in ElConfig > System > Security > Attaching.
Once you have entered the password, you will see a screen identical to what the user attached to that node sees, and you will be able to enter keys just as if you were typing on the users keyboard.

Using EleMon from a remote location:
The biggest advantage to EleMon, is allowing the sysop to monitor users from a remote location. This requires the following files:
It's also a good idea to have elconfig.exe, allowing you to edit your config files.

Another requirement is that you allow inbound access to a range of TCP/IP ports, which usually starts at 8889, and ends at 8889 + the last node number. For example if you allow 256 nodes, then you need to allow the following range of TCP/IP ports: 8889 - 9145. If your BBS is behind a NAT router, then you will need to add a rule in your routers configuration to allow port forwarding on all these TCP/IP ports to forward to the BBS machine.

When you run EleMon.exe from the remote location, you will first need to configure the Server hostname or IP, by pressing Alt-S. You should not need to specify the base TCP port, which by default is 8889.


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