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  How to configure the FTP URL links in EleBBS


Using the EleFile tool included with EleBBS you can create HTML file area lists and newfile listings that link the files to the proper URL on any FTP server, by using the "EleFile HTMLIST" command.
The format is:
ELEFILE HTMLIST [area#|@arealist] [/Ssecurity] [/Ddays old]

You can customize the HTML look by editting these 7 HTML template files:
fl_head.htm - header for all areas (new files listing and normal)
fl_foot.htm - footer for all areas
fl_ahead.htm - Header for this area
fl_afoot.htm - Footer for this area
fl_data.htm - data for first line
fl_data2.htm - data for the rest of the description lines
fl_miss.htm - missing files

You can customize how the HTML is created by editing FDBHTML*.PAS and and recompiling it with EleXer (elexer -c fdbhtml*) to create the needed FDBHTML*.ELM file(s), which needs to be in the same directory you run ELEFILE.EXE from when you create the HTML, and where the template HTML files are also located. The reccomended location is the main EleBBS directory, not the script directory.

You can have multiple FDBHTM files such as FDBHTM1.ELM or FDBHTMLA.ELM. The "ELEFile HTMLIST" command runs every file in the current directory that matches FDBHTM*.ELM, which allows you to create multiple HTML files in one pass. This is useful for creating listings using frames for example, like the file listings seen on BBS Archives. There is an example FDBHTML.ELM found in EXCFG.ZIP which is part of the SAMPLES.ZIP included with EleBBS.

There are known issues with using versons of ELEFILE.EXE versions later then 0.10 (The ones produced by Scott Little between 2006 and 2009, which show a version 0.12). These versions will only produce HTML for one file area at a time when told to do all or multiple areas. (ELEFILE HTMLIST 0). The workaround for this issue is to use a batch file which contains one of the following alternative methods:
1. In a batch file, create a seperate command line for each file area to be processed. i.e.:
    and so on...
2. In a batch file (or from the Command Prompt) you could do it using a "for/do" loop like so:
    for %i in (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) do ELEFILE HTMLIST %i
    The above line would do areas 1 thru 10

If you have a hard time modifying the .PAS code you can use the older EleFile from v0.8 which used the Q.A scripting lanaguge instead, so it looks for FDBHTML*.Q-A files instead of the compiled .ELM files. When you run ELCONFIG and navigate to > MANAGER > FILE AREAS
and press enter on a file area to edit its properties, you will see a field called "URL-path" which you can put the front part of the url for this area. For example: ftp://pcmicro.com/filearea1/ and then the filename would be appended to that to complete the URL.
The other advantage to this older version of ELEFILE.EXE is that it does support creating all areas in one pass (ELEFILE HTMLIST 0).

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