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SimpleComTools, LLC
Serial Switch-SMTP
SimpleComTools, LLC
The DS-232 (Digital Switch-to-RS-232) interface converter has two sides to wire/install:
Side 1 –  (4) terminal block wiring positions designed to receive (2) switch connections.  
Side 2 – DB-9 Female RS-232 interface for connection to the DB-9 serial port on the PC.
Configuration Steps:
Step 1: Wire the (2) switches to the DS-232 terminal blocks. 
Connect two wires from each switch; One wire to the (+) block and one to the (-) block
Step 2: Connect the RS-232 cable to the serial port on the PC (No null adapter is needed)
Here is how a typical 12VDC relay installation would be look:
Windows PC or Server
Windows PC or Server