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SimpleComTools, LLC
 User Manual
SimpleComTools, LLC
The IM client embedded in the COM1000 is used for transporting status messages.
IM Client connection parameters and message recipients are configured on this tab.
Parameter Name
IM Protocol
Outbound Message Notification Method.
Options:   0 = None (Default)
1 = AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
2 = ICQ
3 = MSN Messenger
IM Server IP
IP or Domain Name of  Instant Message Server.
Accepts n.n.n.n or (Up to 50 characters)
IM Server Port
Instant message Server Port.
nnnnn = (5 digit value with range between 1 and 65535). (Default value = 9090)
Instant Message Account Username. Accepts up to 20 characters).
Example:  johnedoe
Instant Message Account Password. (Accepts up to 20 characters).
Example:  password123
Instant Message Account Nickname.
Accepts up to 20 characters.
Buddy (1
Buddies are IM users who will receive ALERT and STATUS messages.
At least one IM BUDDY entry is required for the device IM application to function.
Accepts a 50 character alphanumeric value, including email addresses.
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