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14 Status Format splay the state of all 4 Digital Inputs.    1 = Host Name    2 = Date & Time    3 = Digital Input 1 State    4 = Digital Input 2 State    5 = Digital Input 3 State    6 = Digital Input 4 State    7 = Digital Input 1 Count    8 = Digital Input 2 Count    9 = Digital Input 3 Count  10 = Digital Input 4 Count  11 = Analog Input Value  12 = Temperature Value (Celsius/Fahrenheit)  13 = Relay State  14 = Relay Control Button  15 = Ethernet and PPP Address NOTE: Web Server  1 = Enabled Web Server Port Set Web Server Port PING IP Address PING Retires main during a PING attempt. PING Timer  between PING attempts. Time Sets the device date. Use the format MM/DD/YYYY. Date Sets the device timeSNTP Server IP or Domain of Simple
Configures interface values to be
displayed by the 'STATUS' command.
This includes Analog Input, Digital Inputs,
Relay State, and Modem status. Multiple
values are separated by commas; ie 1,2,3,4,5,6) 
Example: 'AT*STATUSFORMAT=2,3,4,5' would di
Options: Options:     0 = None (DEFAULT)
Order of values can be in any order you wish.  
Web Server Enabled - Turn on or off the device web server 
Options:  0 = Disabled (DEFAULT)
nnnnn = (5 digit value with range between 1 and 65535). (Default value = 80)
Destination IP Address of a remote Destin
ation IP or Domain where the COM1000 will
send a PING in order to test for network co
nnectivity. Accepts numeric IP Address or
fully qualified domain name (abc.123.
com). (Accepts up to 50 characters).
Default =
Number of times to PING t
he remote destination IP or Do
This number should be tuned to guarantee at least one PING success during an event.
(5 digit value with range between 0 and 65535)
Number of minutes to wait
Options: 0 =  No PINGS will be sent (DEFAULT)
1-65535 = number of minutes between attempts (60 = one attempt per hr)
NOTE: A PING attempt is the entire number
of PING retries. Not just a single PING.
. Use the format HH:MM:SS.
Network Time Protocol (SNTP) server.
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