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SimpleComTools, LLC
 User Manual
SimpleComTools, LLC
Configuration Utility Basics
Making changes
Making changes to the device is done by
entering the change in the New Value side.
Changes can be entered use text or by
selecting items from the drop
down menu.
Hit ENTER when entering the new value.
Unwritten changes are shown in Yellow.
Writing changes
The bottom buttons make it easy to navigate.
Here are the basic button functions:
WRITE sends all changes to the device.
REFRESH updates the current display
CLEAR NEW clears the New Value area.
RESET DEVICE will restart the COM1000.
the device to its original factory defaults
Using Templates
In order to save a device configuration for future use
or to make copies of a working device, the configuration
utility provides a TEMPLATE function.
Here are the basic options:
Saving a configuration
Select the Current >> New button to copy the
current configuration to the New Value side.
Select the File/Template/Save and give the file
a name and save it with a .tpl extension.
Opening a configuration
Select File/Template/Open and select the
configuration file you want to use. When opened,
the settings will populate the New Value side.
Edit values if appropriate.
Select WRITE to send changes to the device.
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