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Please Note:
Technical support for NetFoss may only be available to corporate customers. Users requiring free support may wish to join the beta program.


General Information
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Upgrade Notes
 How is NetFoss related to NetFossil
 The Telnet protocol specification
 The FOSSIL Revision 5 specification
 How does a DOS Int14 handler communicate with a Win32 DLL?



Special applications
 Using NetFoss with a Win32 BBS Software (EleBBS)
 Using NetFoss with a Mannsofts Telnet Server (TelSrv)
 Using NetFoss with a R&M's GameSrv beta v3.10.19b2
 Using NetFoss with a R&M's GameSrv v7.06.15 (Provided by Slasher BBS)
 Using NetFoss with a R&M's Older GameSrv (Provided by the Dog House BBS)
 Public Domain Zmodem documentation


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