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Modem Pooling / Modem Sharing Solutions

NetModem  For using a Windows PC as an Advanced Modem Server
Our most advanced PC Server & Client Software solution allows a PC to share and pool modems or any other serial devices over a network. Supports multiple Modem pools, Active Directory or NT User Authentication, access restrictions, inactivity disconnect, dialout blocking, inbound blocking, phone number logging and more. Licenced per shared port, includes unlimited clients starting at $149 for 2 shared ports/modems.   More Info
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NetDialOut  For using an Access Server as a Modem Server
Client only solution allows Windows desktops to use Advanced Modem Servers for DialOut including Cisco Access Servers AS5200, AS5300, AS5400, AS5800 series, and also works with many other brands of Advanced Modem Servers supporting RFC-2217. Licensed by PC starting at $75, and Site licensing is also available starting at $374 for 4 ports with unlimited clients. More Info
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NetSerial  For accessing both Serial Devices and Modem Servers
This All-in-One Windows Virtual COM port Client Redirector works with all non-propritary Modem Servers and Serial Device Servers. Virtual COM ports can be configured for Outbound, Inbound, or Virtual Modems. Outbound Mode redirects Serial data to TCP. Inbound mode accepts TCP connections which are passed to the Virtual Serial port. Virtual Modem Mode emulates a modem, allowing applications to "Dial" an IP address, or "Answer" an incoming call. Licenced per PC starting at $90 More Info
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Other Virtual Serial Port Redirection

TCP-Com  A Simple Serial Redirector for Windows
Redirect Serial Port data to TCP OR UDP. Acts as either a TCP/IP client or server, allowing you to either turn a PC into a "Serial Port Server" or allow you to access remote Servers over a TCP/IP Network from a Virtual COM port.. Licenced per PC. More Info
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Virtual COM-UDP A Serial Redirector using UDP
Redirect Serial Port data to UDP. Allows serial communication applications to receive UDP data streams. While the UDP protocol does not perform error checking, it is a simpler protocol with faster performance then TCP. Licensed per PC. More Info
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