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  How to make EleBBS display several welcome screens

  When a user logs on to EleBBS, EleBBS automaticly displays the following .ANS/.ASC/.AVT/.RIP screens if they exist in the textfile directory:

(only displayed once to each user, until its filedate is changed.)

You can display additional screens by using the TOP.MNU, which is the first menu that EleBBS runs after the above screens are displayed.

For example your TOP.MNU could look like this:

         |***| Disp CR    | WELCOME2
         |***| Disp CR    | WELCOME3
         |***| Disp CR    | WELCOME4
         |***| Disp CR    | WELCOME5
         |***| Goto menu  | MAIN
The "***" indicates that those menu options are set as "auto-execute" so they are run without the user needing to press any hotkey.
The "Disp CR" is Menu-Type 45 (Display .ANS/ASC with a press enter pause at the end).
After all the above Welcome* screens are displayed, the last menu option goes to your MAIN Menu (MAIN.MNU).

To edit a menu, run "ELCONFIG -M" and select the menu you want to edit.


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