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  How to globally move/change message or file areas


When you enter the EleConfig Message Area Manager:
ELCONFIG.EXE > MGR > MSG AREAS, the commands displayed are:

Enter-Edit Space-Tag (INS)ert (DEL)ete ALT: C-Copy M-Move G-Global P-Goto

So lets say you want to move message areas 1 though 10 to area 100....

First move the cursor to area 1 and press the spacebar to tag an anchor point. Then move the cursor down to area 10. You should now see areas 1-10 all highlighted. Now press Alt-M to move, and it will ask you to "Select move/copy insertion point". Next move the cursor to area 100 and press Enter to complete the move.

In the Elconfig Msg Area Manager, you will see that now the very top area shows number 11, and the areas 1-10 appear at positions 100-110. This is because the areas havent really been moved exactly, but rather they have been reindexed in the messages.rdx file.... But your users will not know this. When they list areas in EleBBS, those areas really will be shown as areas 100-110. (assuming that they have read access to every message area that is).

If you want to actually change an internal area number in the Elconfig Msg Area Manager, this can be done by going to the desired area and pressing Enter. At the top of the screen you will see the following:
(F1) to edit area number

Press F1, and it will allow you to change the internal area number to any value that is not already being used.

Keep in mind that a user is always shown logical area numbers according to their security level, flags, age, etc. So for example, if your bbs onlty had the following msg areas defined:

Area 1 - security level 1
Area 2 - security level 100
Area 3 - security level 100
Area 4 - security level 1

(assume these areas dont have any other security settings)

Then a user with security level 50 would only see two areas, numbered 1 and 2.... but what the user sees as area number 2 would really be internal area number 4. This is done so that users will not know there are area numbers that they dont have access to.

So therefore, it is not important that you make the internal area numbers in the Msg Area Manager consecutive as the users will never know the difference. Keep in mind that once you start moving areas around in the Msg Area Manager so that the internal numbers are no longer sequential, you will break compatibility with older third party utilities that were designed for RA 2.02 or older. The indexing feature was added to RA 2.50, so you would want to make sure that any RA message utilities you use are compatible with RA 2.50 or later.

The same rules apply to the File Areas as well, and even the Message Groups and File Groups.

Besides moving areas, you can also copy areas, insert areas, and delete areas by using the Alt-keys listed above.
There is also a Global command that allows you to globally change settings in a group of areas. This is done by highlighting a block of areas as described above, then pressing Alt-G to go to the Global Template where you can make whatever changes you want to the global template, and when you are done press "ESC" and it will ask if you want to apply the changes or not.

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