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  How to to setup EleBBS user email with Internet Rex
   Written by Marty Kazmaier


An unregistered Internet Rex allows 2 email addresses to be configured.
Unfortunately, 1 is undeletable (the postmasteraddress).
Fortunately, setting up 1 more is all you need.

In the Internet Rex configuration program under Server config, enable
(by setting to yes) the pop3 and smtp daemons.

Select configure (under those two above mentioned options).

For POP3 Daemon Setup, you should be able to leave all as is, except
perhaps the max connection setting.

For SMTP daemon Setup, you'll probably want to change the max
connections as well. Leave Advanced Setup and Spam prevention as is.
For hostnames, enter all that are valid (my example is:

- ---begin paste---
- ---end paste---

Don't allow relaying, unless you know what you're doing. I'd suggest
setting connect to uplink only to yes and set the uplink host to your
isp's smtp server hostname.

Next, for Setup Users, hit insert and create a domain store and
forward address like:

+-[¦]¦ Domain store and forward user ¦------------+
¦ ¦
¦ Login name shsforward ¦
¦ Real name Shurato's Mail Daemon ¦
¦ ¦
¦ Password ********** ¦
¦ Use APOP to login No ¦
¦ Message expiry never ¦
¦ Mailbox size unlimited ¦
¦ Domain shurato.darktech.org ¦
¦ Subdomains Not allowed ¦
¦ ¦
¦ Change user type ¦
¦ ¦

For elemail, my command line is:

elemail -r -t -s -p -hshurato.darktech.org:110 -irelay.rmci.net:25 -dc:\ele\txtfiles\addnews.ans -eshurato.darktech.org -a87 -c87 -bShurato -ushsforward@password


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