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  How to Globally configure File or Message areas/groups in EleBBS

  EleBBS (and RemoteAccess) has a global template for File Areas, File Groups, Message Areas, and Message Groups. This allows the sysop to globally configure a range of areas or groups to all have the same settings.

  • Run ELCONFIG > MANAGER > and select either Msg Areas, Msg Groups, File Area, or File Groups.

  • From the area or group list, move the cursor to the first item you want to globally change, and press the spacebar to Tag it.

  • Move the cursor down to the last item you wish to globally change. All items between the first and last item will now be selected.

  • Press Alt-G to enter the Global template editor. Any changes you make to this template will effect all items selected.

  • When you are finished making changes, press ESC, and you will be prompted to "Apply Changes?".

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