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  How to configure the Full Screen Message Editor in EleBBS

  One of the new features in EleBBS 0.06g1 is an internal full screen message editor. External editors such as IceEdit, DCTEdit, TopEd and others are no longer needed. The release notes left out some important information on how to configure this feature.


    Enter the word: INTERNAL

  • You also need to place the following *.Q-A files into your Questionnaire directory:
    EDITHDR.Q-A The Header code
    EDITFTR.Q-A The Foooter code
    EDITHLP.Q-A The Help Screen
    EDITQTO.Q-A The Quote Screen
    EDITMNU.Q-A The Menu selector

    The Questionnaire directory is defined in ELCONFIG > MANAGER > LANGUAGES> SCRIPT PATH. This is the directory to place your questionnaire scripts in. These scripts are all located in the QA_DEF.ZIP which is located in the SAMPLES.ZIP within all the EleBBS Archives.

    There is a nicer version of the EDITMNU.Q-A script included in the Ele-Prompt Pak (ELE-PP12.ZIP) which allows the cursor keys or spacebar to make a lightbared menu selection.

    All these scripts are text files, so you can customize them to change the colors or looks of the header, footer, help, and menus.

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