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  How to configure the EleBBS File Listings

EleBBS allows customizable File Listings, allowing the sysop to adjust how the users
will view file listings and search results, as well as the allfiles and newfiles listings.
EleBBS uses the same File List Macros as RemoteAccess.

To edit the List Format, do the following:

  • This will bring up the File List Format Editor, allowing you to view or edit the template.

    The default File list format looks like this:

    K0E@NE K[0D@SB K[0A@FD@NWK[03@DF

    The K characters are actually Ctrl-K. To enter a Control Character into the editor, you will
    need to press Ctrl-P first, followed by the control character. The color codes are the 2 digit
    numbers after the [ characters.

    The Following RA Macros are supported:

    @NE Filename, uppercase, with extension.
    @NN Filename, uppercase, no extension.
    @SB File size in bytes.
    @SK File size in kilobytes.
    @UL Name of the file Uploader.
    @UD Date on which file was uploaded.
    @FD Actual file date.
    @LD Date on which the file was last downloaded.
    @TD Number of times file has been downloaded.
    @Kn Keyword [n] for the file (where n = 1 to 5).
    @CS Cost of the file in credits (deducted from user's credit).
    @FR Displays (Free) if the file is free, spaces if it is not.
    @NA Displays (NotAvail) if the file is marked as not available.
    @NW Displays an * character if the file is new, space if it's not.
    @PW Displays (Password) if the file is password-protected.
    @DF Formatted description of the file. (Must be last).
    @DU Unformatted description of the file. (Must be last).

    Substituting a "%" character for the "@" character forces string type fields to lowercase.
    Substituting a "^" character for the "@" character forces string type fields to uppercase.
    There is a special macro - "#nn" which is used to set the width for all following fields to "nn"
    characters. When used, "nn" must be specified as two digits. For example, specifying "#03"
    will truncate or pad all following fields to 3 characters in length. Use "#00" to reset to default
    field widths.

    NOTE: When used, the @DF or @DU macro must appear as the last list format entry.

    When file lists contain special formatting such as boxed text, you should use the @DU macro
    to display unformatted file descriptions. This mode of display maintains any special formatting
    you may have applied to file descriptions and prevents EleBBS from automatically formatting
    or wrapping lines.

    In addition to these macros, the ^K[cc text file control code (change color) may also be used
    within this field. See the RA.DOC External Support Files chapter for more information on color
    codes. To find the hexadecimal color number to be used in conjunction with the ^K control code,
    press F1 while editing this field. This presents a color chart which can be used as a reference
    when selecting colornumbers.


    Ajusting the List Format for DOS style FileNames

    If you are using standard (DOS Style) 8.3 filenames, then it is best to use a list format which
    contains no Carrage Returns (Created using the Pipe | Symbol) and ends with the @DF
    (Display Formatted Description) macro. This allows each line of the File Description to appear
    starting at the same character offset, to the right of all the other information about that file.

    Here is a suggest List Format:

    K[0E@NE K[0D@SKk K[03@FDK[04@NWK[0B@DF

    Which translates to this:

    01 FILENAME.ZIP 1024k 01-01-1999* First description line
      Second description line
      Third description lLine


    Ajusting the List Format to support LongFileNames

    If you are using LongFileNames in your FileBase (names which are longer then the DOS standard
    of up to 8 characters plus a 3 character extention seperated by a single period), then you should
    adjust your FileList Format so that the FileName is displayed on a seperate line, like this:

    K[0C@NW K[0A@NE | K[0D@SKk K[09@FD K[03(@TD)| K[03@DF

    Which translates to this:

    01* longfile displayed here.zip
    1024k 01-01-1999 (0000)
    first description line
    second description line
    additional description lines..

    Using this method, you could replace @DF with @DU (display unformatted description), which
    will cause EleBBS to wrap the words in the description as needed. @DU should not be done if
    your descriptions contain formatted text (including line art found in many FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions).

    Many other example List Formats can be found in the Questions & Answers for RemoteAccess FAQ.


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