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  How to install Argus with EleBBS/Win32 using a Winsock Handle

Argus is a 32bit Mailer for Windows 95/98/NT/2K which allows both dialup and TCP/IP connections. A Mailer allows fidonet style mail packets and netmail messages to be transfered from one BBS to another.
Argus is freeware for non-commercial use, and is open sourced. It's available from www.ritlabs.com/argus

This guide explains how to allow Argus to pass Telnet callers to EleBBS without using a virtual modem (such as NetSerial or COM IP). This guide assumes you already have Argus and EleBBS up and running seperatly, and are somewhat familure with them both. For information on how to setup Argus itself, look here or here.

There are two ways that EleBBS can be configured to be run from Argus. The first method is by passing the Win32 com-handle from Argus to EleBBS, which is discussed here. The second method is discussed elsewhere.


Here is step by step instructions on how to allow Argus to shell to EleBBS, using the method outlined above:

  • In Argus, Click on CONFIG> EXTERNALS >DOORS

    Under the "Enter" Tab, select the hotkey which the user should press to run EleBBS. You can use a backslash "\" to represent the ESC key, or even two of them to require ESC to be pressed twice.

    Under the "Door and parameter" Tab, enter the following:

    c:\bbs\eletelnet.bat %n %C %B %h

    Note that %n %C %B %h are all CASE Sensitive. They must be entered in the same case they are shown here, or they will not work!

    If you are using Windows 95/98/ME then you will also need to specify "c:\command.com /c " in front of the batch file path\name.

  • In Argus, Click on CONFIG> TCP/IP Daemon. This will take you to the General Tab of the TCP/IP Daemon Configuration Window, which allows you to select which ports to enable.

  • If you only use Argus as a telnet server, then all you need to at least define port 23 under the Telnet Line. If you also will use Argus as a Mailer you will also want additional ports, such as these:

    raw (ifcisco) 60179
    Telnet 23 60177 3134
    BinkP 24554

  • Set the "Max Connections In" for the number of people you will allow online at the same time,
    which could be up to 256. The "Max Connections Out" does not matter, but the default value is 4. If you are a mail hub you might want to increase it. Set the "Assume Speed" option to

  • Click on the "Banner" Tab. Here you should enter the text to display to the user that tells him which key to press to access the BBS. An Example: Welcome to the BBS. Loading EleBBS....

  • Click on the "Station" Tab. This is where you enter the name of your BBS (Station), and if you are using Argus as a mailer you will also have to define your network addresslist and network name,sysop name, location, and flag settings.


  • Now create a Batch file in the main EleBBS directory which Argus will run. This Batch file will need to change to the proper nodes directory, and then it should run ELEBBS.EXE in the system directory. It can also define some Environment variables if you like.

    EleTelnet.BAT :

          @echo off
          SET TASK=%1
          SET RA=C:\BBS
          \bbs\EleBBS.EXE -n%1 -c%2 -xc -xt -b65529 -h%4 -e10
          If errorlevel 10 goto End
          rem user entered netmail or echomail, so export it
          \bbs\fastecho\fastecho.exe scan

    The -xc -xt parameters tell EleBBS that its running from a Telnet Server. The -b65529 sets the baud rate to a special value that lets EleBBS uses for telnet connections. The -e parameter defines the default errorlevel number EleBBS will return with if there is no new netmail or echomail entered by the user. EleBBS and Argus should now be working together, allowing Argus to answer all the incoming nodes. It will open a seperate Window for each EleBBS session as the callers login to your BBS.

    Argus can also be configured to answer incoming connections on COM ports or modems. See the Other Section for more information.

  • If you found that this FAQ left anything out about connecting Argus and EleBBS together, then please email: mike [at] pcmicro [dot] com.

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